You take your profession seriously. So do we.

You take your profession seriously. So do we.

From professional sports coliseums to high school campuses, JOHNSON & JOHNSON knows that certified athletic trainers like you are working tirelessly to care for the health and well being of your athletes.

That's why, in addition to producing top quality athletic tapes, Johnson & Johnson is passionately committed to advancing the profession of this vital category of health care professionals.

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Founding strategic partner

As a founding strategic partner of the National Athletic Trainers' Association, we've been deeply involved in the athletic training community for over 30 years.

Which tape is right for your team?

For decades, athletic trainers have reached for Johnson & Johnson athletic tapes for preventative applications, emergency care, injury rehabilitation and more. Whatever tapes you may need on a given day with your team, you can rest assured in our exceptional quality and superior value roll after roll. Explore below for more information on each of our specialty brands, or view a list of distributors.

Trusted protection against sprains and injury.

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Highest tensile strength for conditions requiring support or immobilization.

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Supportive stretch technology conforms to joint contour.

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Our Difference

Our passion fuels our products. Our understanding sets us apart.

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"Our profession would not be where it is today without the support of Johnson & Johnson. The growth and development of athletic training can be directly attributed to that support. Not just in dollars, but in the commitment and passion for what athletic trainers do and the value they bring to the athletes and patients they treat."

Marjorie J. Albohm, MS, ATC
NATA Past President
Director, Ossur Academy